Characters – test

The Ophthalmologist

Deeply devoted to health … and the safety of eyeballs.

The Ophthalmologist (known by his peers as “Ophtho”) is an overly positive physician whose work/life balance skews heavily towards the life part. Ever dependent on his loyal scribe, Jonathan, he’s probably the last person you want responding to an in-flight medical emergency. And yet, he’s a PERFECT fit for GGH’s Metaverse for kids. Why? Because na’fve optimism is something every doctor must have … even if they need a little help from their friends.


There’s Man. There’s Machine. And then there’s Jonathan.

Jonathan is the loyal scribe of the Ophthalmologist, Ophtho. He’s always there (and where) you need him. But how? No one really knows. All they know is that whether it’s answering calls, doing paperwork, or carrying a weary Ophtho on his back, Jonathan’s mastered the art of being seen but not heard. Though his intense, haunting gaze can be unsettling, it’s clear that behind this visage is a dedication to helping. Everyone wants a “Jonathan”, but the real question? Is there only one? And what are his ultimate plans?

The Neurologist

If you’re actually the smartest, is it arrogance?

The neurologist (aka “Neuro”) is one of the smartest physicians at Glaucomflecken General Hospital. .. and he makes sure everyone knows it. Donning a phi beta kappa tie, gold-rimmed aviators, and a Kosmo Kramer-like hairdo, Neuro scours the floors looking to belittle any unsuspecting intern who “dares disparage the nervous system”. The only thing he’s missing? Friends. And that’s why GGH’s Metaverse might be MORE important for him than for the participating kids. He’ll have to learn that friendship is not only about playing but working well with others too!

The Emergency Physician

Stop to smell the roses? Not if you’re in the fast lane!

The Emergency Physician gets things done … quick! His goal? Finishing work and hopping on his bike for the next 1 OK. An adrenaline junky, he’s always wearing a helmet, sunglasses, and bike jersey because “Exercise is life”, and he’d rather do ANYTHING than see patients. GGH’s Metaverse, however, might open his eyes to something else. Taking the time to help someone in need might be the greatest rush of all.

The Pediatrician

Mr. Rogers said look for the helpers. Pediatrics is one.

Patience thy name is Pediatrician. With an ever-cheery disposition, the Pediatrician understands: it’s tough being a kid. And he does everything to make certain that the smallest voices are always heard. With a heart bigger than most, he’s that ray of sunshine that everyone needs on a cloudy day. He reminds everyone that sometimes just a smile can be the best medicine.

The Psychiatrist

Sometimes just listening is all you need.

Dressed in a black turtleneck and a houndstooth coat, the psychiatrist (otherwise known as “Psych”) is tasked with conducting therapy sessions at Glaucomflecken General Hospital. Speaking with a deep, fatherly tone, he does his level best to get to the heart of a problem by being above the fray and pulling from his decades of study. But even the most experienced needs to be challenged occasionally, and the kids in GGH’s Metaverse will do just that. They’re going to teach him: there’s a fine line between listening and being heard.

The 0B/GVN

If a hospital is like a hurricane, look for the eye.

“Delivering babies? That’s not real surgery.” Time and time again, the OB/GYN (known as “OB”) proves that her subspeciality is not only for the strongest of hearts. It’s also for coolest under pressure. When the going gets tough, the other docs come a-runnin’ for her help. And, as a true pillar of her profession, she’s ready and able to do just that. For the kids in GGH’s Metaverse, she’s a port in that storm of medicine.