Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in real life, his name is Will Flanary, and he is a board-certified ophthalmologist. In his fake life, he is board-certified in 37 different specialties.
Believe it or not, glaucomflecken is a real word in ophthalmology. It refers to grayish-white clumps that accumulate on the intraocular lens in the setting of angle-closure glaucoma. Hilarious, right?
Lady Glaucomflecken is the writer here. If you are interested in working with her, please reach out through our contact form. If she is booked, we can see what Dr. G’s loyal scribe, Jonathan, can put together.
We speak together and separately at all kinds of events. Medical conferences, executive retreats, commencement ceremonies, holiday parties, or 15-hour neurosurgery cases (because sometimes you need a little comic relief in the middle of surgery).
This depends on whether you book us individually or together, the distance to travel, etc. Reach out through our contact form to discuss how we can best meet your needs. Or if you are ready, you can book us!
Absolutely! You can send in a request through Cameo. Everybody knows the best birthday gifts are random video messages from an internet comedian ophthalmologist.
Dr. Glaucomflecken’s YouTube channel is the best place to find his videos. For audio, check out our podcast, “Knock Knock, Hi! with the Glaucomfleckens.” If you’re a reader, browse our blog or read Lady G’s articles. If you want to get social, you can find us on Twitter (Lady Glaucomflecken, Dr. Glaucomflecken), TikTok, and Instagram. Or to hear what other people say, check out our Press section or testimonials.
Maybe! We have several exciting projects in the works and are open to exploring more. Reach out through our contact form to pitch us your idea!