Health Insurance Premiums Cost More Than Mortgages

30 Days of Healthcare

US insurance premiums now cost 39% more than mortgages.

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In 2020, families were paying premiums of about $21,000 per year.1

In 2021, their median annual mortgage payment was $15,300.2

American insurance premiums have risen by 55% over the last 10 years.


💰 A premium is a monthly fee that Americans pay to their health insurance company in the hopes that their insurance will help them pay their medical bills if they get sick. 

💰 The idea behind the premium is that we pay our health insurance company an affordable amount each month. Then, when we get sick, they use the premiums they’ve collected to help us pay for our medical expenses, keep us out of medical debt, and protect us from financial ruin. 


Hold on, there’s more. Over the last decade, premiums have risen much higher than inflation, and premiums are no longer affordable for many families. 

While premiums are a healthcare expense that we can plan for, there are additional medical expenses that we must pay if they become sick.

We will get into those expenses on Day 2 of the 30 Days of US Healthcare series. 

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