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We have a multimedia stage show, Wife & Death with the Glaucomfleckens, that’s equal parts tragedy and comedy, all wrapped up with a big dose of heart. In the show, Will and Kristin dive into the highs and lows of healthcare with humor and humanity.


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Well, there are costs to putting on an event like this. Venue reservation, advertising, travel expenses, speaking fees, and I assume you’ll have to pay the neurosurgeons to get them to leave the operating room to have fun outside the hospital for a couple of hours. You know, standard stuff.

However, the conference organizers for which we recently delivered a keynote informed us that they turned a six-figure profit, a remarkable turnaround after experiencing losses in the last three conferences.

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Still worried about the upfront costs? Don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to cover them. From ticket sales to VIP tickets (how about an exclusive meet and greet with the Glaucomfleckens?) to sponsorships, our fantastic production team is ready and willing to discuss how to make this mutually beneficial for everybody involved.

The advantages for your association go far beyond modest (or robust) monetary gain. This is an opportunity to generate goodwill with your members and potential members. I have a large following among the newest generation of physicians and med students. This is an opportunity to turn out those elusive trainees, to show them what your association has to offer, and to get them engaged with the greater physician community at the beginning of their careers.

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  • The Wife & Death show has successfully been featured at multiple sold-out Improv theaters in Southern California.
  • We are preparing to release dates for a National Tour in 2024-2025. Very exciting! 
  • The North Dakota Medical Association recently used the show as a membership drive and wellness event for its members. 
  • Wife & Death has been performed at numerous medical associations, specialty group events, and universities around the country to glowing reviews.

Will & Kristin Flanary 
“Dr. & Lady Glaucomflecken”

PS. Here’s what audience members are saying about our shows.