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Elevate your event or conference with The Glaucomfleckens!

Are you searching for keynote speakers who can educate, entertain, and bring a healthy dose of humor to your event? Our multimedia stage show, Wife & Death with the Glaucomfleckens, is equal parts tragedy and comedy, all wrapped up with a big dose of heart. In the show, Will and Kristin dive into the highs and lows of healthcare with humor and humanity.


Wife & Death isn’t just a show. It’s an experience tailored for folks like you in the medical community, designed to bring people together, inspire, and make you feel proud to be part of something bigger.

  • It’s fresh, engaging content that speaks to your members in an entertaining and thought-provoking way.
  • A show at a theater provides networking opportunities for mingling with peers, experts, and potential collaborators in a relaxed and fun theater atmosphere. 
  • We know that physicians have been feeling a bit disconnected lately, and the Wife & Death show is all about making doctors, residents, and med students feel seen by sharing experiences, ideas, and laughs that matter.
  •  We all need a little inspiration now and then. Wife & Death will leave the audience feeling all the feels.

Their conversational and relatable style will make your audience feel like they’re chatting with old friends. The Glaucomfleckens aren’t just here to educate and advocate; they’re here to entertain and make you laugh, even in the face of life’s absurdities. They’ve been through it all but never lost their sense of humor or passion to help others.

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“It is no exaggeration to say that you are the talk of the medical community in South Australia and the rest of the country. Those few people who didn’t attend are so jealous! The amount of “time that you gave to us all, the number of events that you led and attended and the individual attention paid to everyone – especially our junior doctors and trainees – was much appreciated. It is rare for the medical community to experience something that makes them all happy at once – you achieved that!”
~ Dr Celia Cooper, Head, Infectious Diseases Women’s and Children’s Hospital—Australian Society of Infectious Diseases

“There were few dry eyes in the house and attendees were talking about the session for days.”
~ Audra Kubilius, Education Manager—Society of Critical Care Medicine

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The advantages for your association go far beyond modest (or robust) monetary gain. This is an opportunity to generate goodwill with your members and potential members. We have a large following among the newest generation of physicians and med students. This is an opportunity to turn out those elusive trainees, to show them what your association has to offer, and to get them engaged with the greater physician community at the beginning of their careers.

In case you’re not yet convinced, here are a few random bullet points. Who doesn’t love a good list of bullet points?

  • The Wife & Death show has successfully been featured at multiple sold-out Improv theaters in Southern California.
  • We are preparing to release dates for a National Tour in 2024-2025. Very exciting! 
  • The North Dakota Medical Association recently used the show as a membership drive and wellness event for its members. 
  • Wife & Death has been performed at numerous medical associations, specialty group events, and universities around the country to glowing reviews.
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