Take Action! Prior Authorization Reform Bill

Prior Authorization Reform Bill

You all know how US health insurance companies have a racket going on called prior authorizations.

To recap. Essentially, health insurance companies are practicing medicine without a medical license by requiring healthcare providers to submit requests for medically necessary care before patients can receive care with insurance coverage.

People are fighting back.

A prior authorization reform bill is going to committee in New Jersey on November 20.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The bill ensures an actual peer-to-peer review by a physician in the relevant specialty.
  • It decreases turnaround time to 3 days.
  • It exempts generic medication from the prior authorization process.

The bill is not perfect, but we can’t wait for perfect.

We don’t wanna sound dramatic, but if we don’t do something United Healthcare is gonna take over the world. 🫣

Here’s what we need. We need healthcare workers, clinicians, patients, everyone. We need people writing letters to these legislators letting them know why prior authorization reform is so important.

Tell your stories. Make a difference.

Go to the Support A1255 – Prior Authorization Legislation website of the Medical Society of New Jersey.

  • If you want, there’s handy a message already composed.
  • You can also add whatever you want to share your personal experience.
  • Or voice concern with how prior authorizations are creating unnecessary obstacles that result in patient harm.

You don’t have to be from New Jersey to have your voice heard.

There are 29 other states waiting to see what happens in New Jersey. This bill is really important.

Let’s go!