The Two Things Nurses Want Doctors To Know

The Two Things Nurses Want Doctors To Know(2)

You may already know the basics of how to work with nurses. Like don’t touch the IV poles. But we have two more tips today straight from two registered Nurses, Sara Fung and Amie Archibald Varley. Let’s delve into the first crucial aspect of collaboration between doctors and nurses.

1. We’re On The Same Team

It’s time to debunk the misconception that there’s a rigid hierarchy in healthcare, with doctors on top and nurses as mere order-takers.

Nurses are the eyes, ears, and backbone of healthcare, keeping everything running smoothly.

We’re all fighting the good fight for patient care—nurses just have different roles. 

But here’s where you can really make a difference. 

2. You Have The Power And The Platform To Amplify Nursing Voices 

If you have the opportunity, use your voice to share what’s happening in nursing. 

There is agency and power in your words. 

Think of it as shifting the power dynamic. If you have the power, shift the narrative and lend your voice to say, “Hey, as a physician, I see the amazing work my nursing colleagues are doing!” 

Together, you can also help amplify nursing issues, raise awareness about the profession, and bring nursing to the forefront of the conversation. 

And when you can, bring us to the tables where important decisions are made. 

Wisdom Of Nurses

Amy and Sara, cohosts of The Gritty Nurse podcast, have a new book, Wisdom of Nurses, where they aim to open the public’s eyes to what nurses actually do and the diversity within nursing. Through stories, we are invited to witness firsthand the awe-inspiring moments of compassion, selflessness, and unwavering dedication nurses display. They go above and beyond, giving their all to their patients, and then find the strength to rise and do it all again.

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