Lady Glaucomflecken Honored with American Heart Association’s Resuscitation Champion Award

Kristin Flanary (aka Lady Glaucomflecken) wins American Heart Association's 2022 Resuscitation Champion Award

Kristin Flanary (aka “Lady Glaucomflecken” or @LGlaucomflecken) is also receiving the ReSS Champion Award. She is an international social media star who has been a tireless advocate for cardiac arrest survivorship and CPR delivery after providing bystander CPR to save the life of her husband, Will Flanary (aka, “Glaucomflecken” or @GDlaucomflecken). Ms. Flanary has spoken widely on CPR topics and used her social media power to support the field of resuscitation science. She brings an important and unique voice to CPR advocacy and has been an important collaborator and supporter of our field.