Welcome to the Glauc Flock – Knock Knock, Hi podcast trailer

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Kristin:  Will, you’re a fancy eye doctor! What’s the weirdest thing you can see inside an eyeball? 

Will:  Uh… parasites? 

Kristin:  I regret asking… 

Will:  Honestly, medicine can get pretty weird, but I do have other stories… 

Kristin:  No! I’ve heard all of your stories. I wanna hear from someone else. 

Will:  Okay, here’s the plan. We’ll do a podcast and we’ll call it “Knock Knock, Hi!” You know, like how my med student character introduces himself? 

Kristin:  Okay. Back up. Do people even know what you’re talking about? 

Will:  Right. So. I’m an ophthalmologist. 

Kristin:  Also my husband 

Will:  As an internet comedian who’s also a real doctor, I’ve seen a lot of crazy things. 

Kristin:  And on our new podcast, “Knock Knock, Hi!” – We’re going to hear about those crazy things from other people!

Will:  Right, we’re talking with medical professionals, influencers, even actors – sharing their own crazy medical war stories. 

Kristin:  Ooh, like what happens when someone inhales gasoline?!?! 

Will:  Uh… sure? So subscribe now and share “Knock Knock, Hi!” – wherever you get your podcasts. 

Kristin:  Or watch us Tuesdays on the Dr. Glaucomflecken YouTube channel.

Will:  Medicine is serious business, but it’s also outrageously funny. 

Kristin:  I think they’ll be the judge of that… 

Singer:  Knock Knock, Hi!